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Twitter is, by far, one of my most favorite social media apps. Not only is Twitter first for all of the hilarious memes and videos, but you can also find accounts that inform while being entertaining. I’m going to share 10 Twitter accounts of some of my favorite influential people from Detroit.

Philip Lewis (@phil_lewis_), Huffington Post Front Page Editor

Phil’s Twitter is influential because he’s someone who grew up in the city of Detroit and became a huge contributor at one of the country’s largest publications. When he’s not sharing content from the Huffington Post, he’s still finding ways to connect with Detroit. From news to culture to events, Phil is definitely one to follow. Go ‘head… do it. Hit that big, shiny blue Follow button at the top of his profile. You won’t regret it.

Demetrius Harmon (@demetriusharmon), Social Media Personality

Harmon is a Detroit native known for his comedic skits. One of my favorites is a video where he breaks down his rendition of the story of Adam and Eve (check it out ASAP, and be prepared for ab cramps from laughing). Not only is he funny, but he showcases his other talents on his profile as well. I find Demetrius influential because he often shares his story of how he fought through depression and a suicide attempt with the help of his mother to get him to the more joyful space that he’s in today.

Jemele Hill (@jemelehill), Staff Writer for The Atlantic

As a woman in media, it’s only right that Jemele Hill made this list! After referring to Trump as a “white supremacist” on Twitter last year, she received so much backlash that she ultimately received a two-week suspension. Following that incident, she suggested advertisers of the Dallas Cowboys boycott due to owner Jerry Jones threatening players if they chose to kneel during the National Anthem, which was a violation of ESPN’s social media guidelines. She’s influential because she defended what she said relentlessly in the face of social media. I love a good comeback story and seeing people find their way. Though she has moved on from sports journalism, she now is making it a priority to write about women of color and race in America. I look forward to her contributions to the Atlantic, and the best way to stay up-to-date with what she’s doing is to follow her on Twitter. 

Check out what Jemele is up to in our exclusive interview!

Branden Hunter (@justcallmebhunt), Michigan Chronicle Journalist

In grade school, history was my second least favorite subject (the first was math). Journalist Branden Hunter creates entertaining, informative threads about Detroit’s history that could make the high school me love the subject. He combines his passion for journalism and the city with social media, and it just works so well together. Also, he is great at informing millennials via Twitter about the things that matter, with suggestions on what we can do to help or improve. He’s influential because has a way of sharing local stories to evoke emotion and change. Hit. That. Follow. Button. NEOWWWW!

Rashad Hosea (@baldjesusfareal), Owner of Wealthy Brand Clothing

Rashad Hosea is taking metro Detroit by storm with his popular t-shirts. Also, he holds Detroit’s development and collaboration in high regard. He is influential because he throws events that promote a greater sense of community and entrepreneurship in millennials in Detroit. By following his Twitter account, I was able to attend his first event held at the Bullock Green Lofts and had the chance to introduce myself to (and party with) many other millennials that are trying to make in impact in Detroit.

Mike Duggan (@mayormikeduggan), Mayor of Detroit

For all things Detroit, especially regarding developments, Mayor Duggan would be a great person to add to your Twitter following. Today, many politicians are gaining bad reps, but Mayor Duggan showcases nothing but positivity on his profile. From business launches to announcing new incentives for the city, he makes his social media presence cool. Also, it’s always great to know what is happening in the city and discover new businesses to check out.

Jewell Jones (@jewelljonesmi), Michigan State Representative

In 2016, after making history by becoming Michigan’s youngest state rep ever at the age of 21, Jones does not plan on stopping his impact as a millennial in metro Detroit politics. He recently was re-elected for a second term during the primary elections this August. His Twitter profile is inspiring because he’s young and strives to have an impact, not only in metro Detroit, but the world. He has a strong sense of community and shares how he intentionally, positively influences the people in it.

Eric Thomas (@ericthomasbtc), Motivational Speaker

Eric Thomas is a Detroit native who tours all around the world to speak to groups and get them to push themselves to reach their maximum potential. He often shares his story of how he came from a rough neighborhood in Detroit and believed for a long time that his future was bleak. After graduating from Michigan State University, he wanted to share his success story to motivate others to challenge their personal beliefs and do better. His profile mostly consists of announcing tour dates, but he also uploads videos from his talks. He also promotes his podcast, which involves great conversations that can motivate you to get things going. One day, I watched a clip of one of his videos, and I literally felt like I could start a billion dollar company in one day. *hits Follow button 30,000 times!*

Delorean Brown (@keepitonthedelo), Comedienne

If you want to laugh at ribald humor and also shed tears from witnessing dreams come true, please follow Detroit’s new breakout comedienne. She shares her experiences of shattering glass ceilings in the male-dominated comedy industry. In one tweet, you may read her expressing gratitude for landing a new gig. In another, you may read a joke that could make you grandparents blush. And she does all of this while being her authentic self and preserving her true tone and demeanor to maintain a strong social media presence. Also, if you want to laugh in person, she shares all of her upcoming shows, so you can see her in action. She’s inspiring, funny, and I’m sure she’ll make you smile. FOLLOW NOW!

Toi Leonna (@toileonna), Owner of I Wear Glam

Toi is simply an inspiration because she has been able to build a hair empire here in Detroit. She has provided hair extensions to many celebrities and social media influencers while staying humble toward her everyday clients who love her extensions. She talks about the many trips that she goes on and inspires Detroiters with the knowledge that they too can build their own empires if they believe and work hard.

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