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Social media has changed the way that we are exposed to products and taken advertising to new heights. In particular, Instagram has played an integral part in today’s marketing schemes. Many companies now collaborate with Instagram influencers to sell their products, services, and businesses with a personalized and intimate approach that feels more humanized when accompanied by a familiar face. There are many movers and shakers in Detroit who have dedicated their time to being social media personalities. Here are a few interesting Instagram influencers that you should follow.

Leah Vernon

Leah is a plus-sized, African-American, Muslim model. She prides herself on maintaining her modest fashion while also being authentic in sharing her story with her followers. Early this year, Yahoo Style nominated her in the Influencers for Change category for the Diversity in Beauty Awards. On her page, she features stylish looks along with beautiful photography with emotionally compelling captions.

Bria Larine

Bria is a model and also a natural hair and beauty influencer. She posts gorgeous content that shows her love for caring for her natural hair and tutorials that make you instantly want to try a new ‘do. She also posts ads for major hair and beauty companies such as Scentbird, The Mane Choice, and As I Am. Also, if you are familiar with The Lip Bar, which is a Detroit-based vegan and cruelty free lipstick company, you may have seen her face in Targets across the nation.

Dr. Hina J. Cheema

Dr. Cheema is an OBGYN/Robotic Surgeon. She is also a wife and mother. She posts a variety of fashion, family, and work-related content while providing sponsored ads that appeal to women. She also gives her followers a peek into her interesting career. Most of her influence is focused toward products and services that mothers love, such as KinderCare, The Children's Place, and Lull beds. Her fashion sense for her family and herself makes being a mom look cool.

Amber Lewis

Amber dares to be glam in every single post that she puts on her Instagram profile. As director of digital and social media for the city of Detroit, Amber shares all of the happenings that are going on in Detroit. When she’s not working, she’s either having fun at the newest hot spot in Detroit or finding ways to collaborate with local businesses. She’s been featured on the banner for the Detroit Institute of Arts website and has collaborated with local cosmetics company Kay Sada' Cosmetics.

Candice Simmons

Candice Simmons is not only the woman responsible for advertising and events at Brooklyn Outdoor Loft located in Eastern Market, but she is also a brand influencer and lifestyle blogger. Many of her uploads are of the happenings at Brooklyn Outdoor Lofts and her other business, Alley Taco. She features other Detroit companies as well as the places that she travels to. Her fashion sense and style sets the tone of what you should expect to see from her profile.

Rayvn Le’An

Rayvn is a model and brand influencer. On her profile, she displays many of the pictures that she has modeled for such as Outre, Lover's Lane, and Haute Is Magazine. She is also an influencer for beauty and lifestyle brands like Hairfinity, Perfekt Beauty, and Flat Tummy Co. Check out her account now!

Janaé Mason

Jenae is a natural hair enthusiast turned influencer. She’s always on the go and she shares which natural hair expos she will attend to interact with her following. She has collaborated with brands such as Creme of Nature, Curls, and Tropic Isle Living. Jenae’s content is refreshing and entertaining because her personality is fun and it’s obvious that she genuinely loves what she does.

Charlie G.

This profile is filled with top-notch pictures because Charlie is a photographer herself. Though she is a brand influencer, she also posts about simply being human and enjoying life. She is extremely transparent with her followers as she addresses issues such as anxiety and depression. She has done ads for companies such as Raw Sugar Living, Yes To, and Pure Michigan.

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