Graphic Designer Sarey Ruden of “SareyTales” puts douchey dudes on blast with her glorious controversial art series.

Show Notes

  • (1m5s)  The start of “Sarey Tales,” and the troubles of online dating.
  • (3m33s)  Exploring toxic masculinity, how Sarey’s story turned into a platform for women to speak up.
  • (4m58s)  Natalie asks about the Sarey’s process in making her typography.
  • (5m59s)  Follow @SareyTales and the hashtag #TheArtOfOnlineDating on Instagram.
  • (6m47s)  Trump, politics, obscenities, and denial when it comes to online dating.
  • (10m35s)  Holding men accountable: Sarey speaks about the double standard she faces for speaking out and the platforms she has been kicked off of because of it.
  • (12m44s)  Handling rejection and a ticking clock when it comes to women, dating, and age.
  • (15m55s)  Bria brings up her concerns with the different types of people you find on dating apps.
  • (19m37s)  Having clear intentions to lead to the right connections. Using the right words to get the right type of responses.Plum dating: the app that rewards men that treat women respectfully.
  • (24m1s)  The dangers of men online and how it might correlate to real life.
  • (28m37s)  Organic growth in a relationship and how social media is still involved vs. strictly online dating.
  • (29m20s)  The “creepy vibe,” why meeting someone in person can be so different than online.
  • (31m0s)  Sarey talks about not following her gut and how she ended up dating someone with a girlfriend.
  • (37m14s)  Online dating or real life interaction, which is better? And knowing that a good person may not always be for you.
  • (40m14s)  Are people to available? The disadvantages of online dating.
  • (41m39s)  Bria speaks about how she is against “netflix and chill” in pre-dating stages.
  • (43m17s)  Information about the “The Dirty Show” held in Detroit for the past twenty years.
  • (45m8s)  Find Sarey’s shop on for all kinds of great gifts.

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