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2018 was a pretty wild year. We got a royal wedding, Black Panther making its mark in film history, an election, and some Olympics. Annually, Google puts together a list of the most searched things that year, reflecting what we had on our minds throughout the last twelve months. Some of the results are surprising, but for the most part, a lot of us were thinking the same thing.

In terms of overall searches, here are the top five things Googled in 2018:

It makes sense that the World Cup is number one, what with it being one of the biggest global events, and with the shocking deaths of rapper Mac Miller, handbag designer Kate Spade, and food critic Anthony Bourdain, it’s no surprise these influential people claimed spots three, four, and five as we tried to make sense of their loss.

Demi Lovato has been struggling with her mental health and drug addiction for several years, but this past July, she overdosed and nearly lost her life. She is reportedly doing well and continuing her fight towards recovery and it is apparent, with her number one spot for most Googled people, that her fans are supporting her.

It’s no surprise that when the Prince of England gets married, everyone wants to know who his wife-to-be is. Meghan Markle claims the number two spot here with her awesome personality and killer style.

Coming in at three and four are the two most controversial people of the last year. Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s supreme court pick, made headlines for days as he went to trial, his rocky history with several rape allegations and his anti-choice stance causing many citizens to protest his nomination. After Kavanaugh, we see YouTuber Logan Paul, who came under fire for his disturbing video in Japan’s Aokigahara forest, where he stumbled across a suicide victim and chose to show the deceased on camera. Many of his fans defended the action as a mistake, but for parents of his younger viewers and many others, this caused alarm and a call for YouTube to review its posting policies.

As far as the internet is concerned, 2018 beauty was all about the eyes. Alternative false lash applications were huge last year, the days of sticky lash glue behind us. And, as always, it seems like everyone is still wondering about what color their hair should be next.

The old-school classic, “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, scooted into first place as the most Googled song of 2018, thanks to the film of the same name that was released this year.

The Childish Gambino hit “This Is America” comes in second place. The music video for this song takes a revealing look at what it’s like to be black in the U.S., the frank rawness of it stirring up some conservative commentary.

Of course, behind the first two rather graphic anthems from two generations of music… we find “Baby Shark.” While the song has been a summer camp standard for at least a decade or two, a Japanese children’s show called “Pinkfong” got the world singing along to their ridiculously obnoxious, yet catchy take on the song.

The one thing America loves more than food is looking at pictures of food. It’s no surprise a fancy viral baking trend that is the stuff our Instagram dreams are made of pops up at number one. On a slightly scarier note, there have been many concerns this past year with romaine lettuce contaminated with E. coli. With FDA funds slashed, food inspections have become a little more lax, leading to the outbreaks.

Funnily enough, CBD gummies sneak into third place. Summing up 2018 as “Lettuce = Bad, Weed = Good,” we pulled a surprising switcheroo.

Of course, with keto being one of the biggest diet trends of the year, everyone is wondering how to lose the weight without sacrificing their cheesecake.

This past year was quite the roller coaster, and Google definitely shows it. Here’s to a prosperous 2019. Happy Googling!

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