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Reddit is older than most people probably realize, having been founded in 2005. Since then, it’s grown exponentially, becoming a complex network with an extremely diverse array of communities called subreddits. Whatever your interest may be, it’s likely you can find a group of similar-minded individuals on Reddit.

And, like any good website, Reddit has its fair share of offbeat users and unusual content. Some subreddits are simply what might be called “very special interest” – definitely not for everyone, but probably not outside the realm of what you’d expect to see. BORING. We have no time for mere pseudo-weirdness here.

Instead, I want to draw your attention to the genuinely peculiar and occasionally delightful side of Reddit. These four subreddits are among the weirdest I’ve recently come across for varying reasons… I think you’ll agree.

  1. /r/EnlightenedBirdmen

This is a subreddit for people who enjoy writing from the perspective of birds who are enlightened as to the oppressive behavior of the “mudmen” – that is, human beings. They share images and news articles that highlight the activities of birds and discuss them from the avian perspective, usually sprinkled liberally with the rallying cry of “CAWWW.”

Are you, too, a bird who has achieved higher awareness of the nature of society and your role in it, limited by the mudmen? Do you like typing in all caps? Then you’ll feel at home in this subreddit. It’s fairly popular, with 55,500 subscribers as of this writing, so you’ll have plenty of fine-feathered friends to bond with as you plot your conquest against humankind.

I suspect this form of discussion is based on a single inside joke that eventually blew up to the point of becoming a CAW-mmunity on its own. But I’d say I’m ready for the revolution, aren’t you?

  1. /r/KateMcCann

Many of us have a celebrity we particularly idolize or “stan for.” Whatever the reason, this person has risen to a special status in your heart. But just how much do you like this individual? Enough to, say… make a creepy subreddit with nothing but photos of him/her? I thought so!

That’s what the creator behind /r/KateMcCann did, anyway. It’s a relatively small subreddit, but contains nothing other than photos of a single woman with detailed descriptions. That alone would be weird enough if not for the fact that the object of this person’s obsession is Kate McCann, mother of the long-missing Madeleine McCann. Whoever is responsible for putting together this archive is a mystery, because that account has been deleted. As of today, there were 17 subscribers.

Oh, and even weirder? The most recent post on the subreddit, from 10 months ago, isn’t even about Kate. It’s an odd picture of a nun puppet with a message about “Sister Cathy’s” skull being caved in. Yeesh.

  1. /r/TheEnchiladaComplex

Do you like music? Who doesn’t? But popular tunes on the radio just aren’t cutting it anymore, right? You’re in need of something a little more… unique, yeah? Well, I suggest you check out The Enchilada Complex.

This subreddit is dedicated to hosting Youtube videos that are the work of the creator, also known only as the Enchilada Complex. The styles range from “guy screaming” to “the sound of throwing things on the floor” to “guy talking and then screaming.” It’s all very creative. The sidebar identifies the style as heavy metal, but in truth, The Enchilada Complex transcends musical categorization. It stands unmatched.

Obviously, this isn’t meant to be taken seriously, but the videos can be extremely unsettling out of context, and indeed, still pretty weird with context given. I tend to think that this subreddit is another example of a private joke made public and immortalized on Reddit, somehow only becoming weirder as it ages and grows further removed from its original producers.

  1. /r/Ooer

I wanted to end with this subreddit because it’s by far the most popular of those listed here, with 98,900 subscribers as of today. When you visit it, you’ll be greeted with a stunning array of fluorescent colors, barely-comprehensible text, and strangely mesmeric GIFs.

There’s an FAQ post at the top of the subreddit, which describes its purpose as being an “experimental tech support forum,” although the text beyond that soon descends into the same level of abstruseness as the rest of the content.

As you scroll through /r/Ooer, you’ll be treated to a trove of odd and fascinating images, generally accompanied by some form of textual commentary that may or not make anything resembling sense. But I think it’s a mistake to try too hard to understand this subreddit – it resists too much interpretation or serious consideration. Its point seems to be for members to have fun and share anything compelling they come across, always in the context of the subreddit’s unique brand of humor.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief journey through some of Reddit’s weirder communities. There are many more that are just as peculiar, and they’re no challenge to find; after all, where there are large numbers of people, strange and wonderful material is sure to appear. Just ask the content creators on Onenie.

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