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If you’ve been having a tough time deciding what to dress up as this Halloween, going with an animal costume is usually a winner. You can just wear your underwear and some ears on a headband, but if you want something a little more realistic (or a little more PG), here are a few suggestions for animal Halloween costumes that look pretty cute and won’t break the bank.


When I think of rabbits, there’s three parts that really stand out: the tall ears, whiskers, and fluffy tail. Making your own ears is pretty easy with this DIY from Sun Hats & Wellie Boots that only requires three components. You can give yourself a pink bunny nose and whiskers with blush and eyeliner, and you’ll probably want to spring for the smudge-proof stuff so your look stays intact throughout the night. Making your own tail is easy, too, with these directions by Amy from While Wearing Heels (no worries: wearing heels is not a step in the tutorial). As for your outfit, you can just go with anything all-white, gray, or brown, depending on what color rabbit you want to be. Voila!


The key to an effective duck costume? Sounding the part. Get your hands on a duck call – not one that sounds like a kazoo, but a professional one like hunters use, and ducklings everywhere will flock to you. Next, follow Cathi’s tutorial on Scratch and Stitch to make DIY wings out of wire hangers and hot glue feathers all over them – yellow if you want to look like a duckling yourself, or go with gray for the mallard look. Rubber boots are the easiest way to mimic a duck’s feet. Orange is ideal, but any color will do. Bonus with this animal costume: you can quack in people’s ears to distract them while you steal the best candy from their trick-or-treat bags. Brilliant, but evil.


Honestly, I’d say a good mane is just about all you need to pull off the lion look, and Kimberly has an easy tutorial here on A Night Owl Blog. I’m also going to echo Kimberly’s recommendation of using a brown eyeliner pencil to draw a nose and some whiskers. You can also add a tail if you like, or make some animal ears like these by the Ribbon Retreat. The only downside to this look is that people might be calling you Simba the whole night and begging you to sing “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King.” I suggest growling at them in response.


I would like to start out by saying that the tutorial for the elephant ears and trunk was designed to be easily accomplished by kindergarteners, so even I could probably do it. Really, the ears, trunk and a gray outfit will make a plenty elephantine animal costume, but if you’re worried people still won’t get it, you can always just carry around of peanuts (even though elephants don’t actually eat them in real life). Or, if you want to look more like Dumbo, add a clown collar and you’ll be good to go. Just promise me you won’t try to fly, OK?


Let’s cut to the chase. Those other animal Halloween costumes have been great and all, but I think you and I both know that you were meant to be a gorgeous unicorn. Making the headband is surprisingly easy thanks to Dinah from DIYInspired. You could pretty much stop there if you wanted, but really, what is a unicorn without glitter? Some rainbow, shimmery makeup will do the trick, applied anywhere (and in any amount) you like. You can finish the look off with this tail-making tutorial by Jennifer from I Save A to Z. For clothes, I would suggest simply wearing the most absurd outfit in your wardrobe. The great thing about this particular animal costume is that you can reuse it for Pride or your local furry convention. Majestic, right?

If you plant to try any of these animal Halloween costumes out, we’d love to see your results. Tweet us a pic at @OnenieNetwork, and we’ll let you know what we think. Happy Halloween!

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