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Once adulting begins to take over your life, where do you meet new people? Between school and work, I don’t meet people as often as I did when I was in high school and in my freshman year of college. However, once I realized that I had the desire to connect with new people, I began to be intentional about where I would hang out to meet the kinds of people that I would like to befriend.

Whole Foods

The grocery store? I know, strange. I’ve met some of the coolest people while grocery shopping for healthy snacks in Downtown Detroit. The people that I’ve met there have interests in healthy, holistic living, which in turn helped me to make better choices for food and natural remedies. Also, single ladies take note- all of the cute guys hang out at Whole Foods. If you want to grocery shop, learn about nutrition and health, and meet new people, be sure to visit Whole Foods!

The Detroit Institute of Art

I’m not the average Detroiter, my first time visiting the Detroit Institute of Art was this summer. Don’t judge me, judge your mother! After my first time visiting with friends, I couldn’t help but to go back to visit and put what I learned in my art appreciation classes to use. Having a little bit of knowledge about art, I was able to start conversations with art enthusiasts and people who just appreciate storytelling through art. After discussing how beautiful, or confusing, an artwork was, I took the opportunity to move the conversations forward by asking people where they were from, what their occupation was, or what made them interested in visiting the DIA on that specific day. To my surprise, many of them were so fascinating and the responses varied. Another cool thing about the DIA is the Kresge Court, a beautiful restaurant where you could sit solo and invite strangers to a coworking session or find interesting people that you might want to strike up a conversation with while people-watching. On Fridays, the DIA has free live music performances that also attract cool people. The next time you want to meet new people, make your way to the DIA. It’s free if you are a resident of Wayne, Oakland, or Macomb counties.

The Majestic

The Majestic on Woodward Avenue in Midtown Detroit also houses The Magic Stick, The Alley Deck, and The Garden Bowl. This cluster of entertainment and fun will most certainly assist you in the mission of meeting new people. The Garden Bowl has been a part of Detroit for over 100 years, and with it being centralized in Midtown, it attracts Wayne State students, hipsters, and people who are simply looking for a great time. Did I forget to mention that you could pick up a slice (or box, if you’re a foodie like me) of some of the best pizza in Midtown from Sgt. Pepperoni's? The Majestic and the Magic Stick are entertainment venues where artists such as Lil’ Yachty, George Clinton, and The White Stripes play while they’re in Detroit. Whether you want to check out some new music, bowl, grab drinks, or eat some delicious pizza, stop by the Majestic to do those things with some cool strangers. You never know who you could possibly meet!

The Apparatus Room

The Apparatus Room is located on the first floor of the Detroit Foundation Hotel. The Detroit Foundation Hotel was renovated from the former Detroit Fire Department headquarters in 2017. The Apparatus Room is a great place to meet people and get a quality dining experience. Since it is located in a hotel, there are people from everywhere that visit this lounge. Grab yourself a cocktail and locate another stranger who seems to be by themselves, invite them over to sit with you, and see if they are your cup of tea. This place is also great for networking.

Sunday Brunches

I couldn’t limit this one down to one place because Sunday brunch is a big deal in Detroit. Whether it’s Bobcat Bonnie's, Savannah Blue, or Dime Store, brunch brings people together. If your friends are unavailable, go solo and you won’t regret it. Sundays usually consist of people transitioning from weekend to work mode. You can chat it up with the person at a nearby table by looking at their plate and asking what they ordered. Not only do you know what to try next time, but you might make a new brunch buddy.

If you struggle to meet new people, go to any of these Detroit hangouts to not only have a new experience, but to meet some interesting people as well. If you know of any other places, comment below and share!

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