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We’re getting closer and closer to Halloween! Booooo! That was me trying to be a ghost, not booing Halloween. This holiday celebrates everything spooky and horrifying: severed heads, swarming rats, and giant hairy spiders. I know – reading that got you super hungry, right? Not to worry, because I’ve compiled a handful of some very delicious (and spooky) snacks for this All Hallow’s Eve that are perfect for a party, handing out to trick-or-treaters, or spending the night at home. Hahahaha! That was a witch laugh, not a regular one, in case you couldn’t tell.

Jack-o’-Lantern Cookies

Melted hard candies give these cookies the appearance that they are glowing from a fire burning within. DO NOT SUBSTITUTE WITH REAL FLAMES… unless you can source them straight from Hell, à la Ina Garten. Because you design the pumpkins yourself, you can decide where on the scale of cute to creepy you want them end up looking. Get the instructions on Pillsbury’s website, and if you’d prefer to make your own sugar cookie dough, give this a try; it’s the top-rated option on AllRecipes.

Rice Krispies Treat Ghosts

The rule of thumb with Rice Krispies is that for anything you can imagine, someone, somewhere, has turned it into a batch of treats. So imagine my delight  at coming across this Halloween-appropriate variety. Done imagining? Good, now check out the recipe from Rice Krispies’ website. And since you probably don’t have prepared treats already sitting around, here’s how to make them from scratch.

Blood Pie

No, this doesn’t contain real blood. That’s actually just red food coloring, but Tiffany of Creme de la Crumb had the ingenious idea to transform her mud pie recipe into blood pie. And no, it does not contain mud, either, OK? It’s just a thick chocolate filling in a crust, then covered with a frosting and in this case, fake blood. Perfect for your friend who’s both vampire and chocoholic.

Mummy Brownies

Everyone loves brownies! What, you know someone who doesn’t? Well, don’t invite them to your Halloween party this year because you should totally serve these. The recipe from Taste of Home recommends candy pieces for the eyes, but if you want to make these mummies look a little more menacing, you can use all black. Do not, however, replace the frosting lines with real toilet paper, unless you want your party to be really memorable.

Eyeball Soup

OK, I know soup might not be what you normally think of as a “treat,” but Detroit can get pretty cold around late October. On the other hand, it can also randomly be 80 degrees, but on one of those chillier nights it’s nice to warm up with a bowl of soup. You don’t want it to be too comforting – this is Halloween after all, so go for this pleasantly creepy recipe from Martha Stewart. Black olives instead of green might look more eyeball-like, but it’s up to you.

Witch Finger Breadsticks

What do you need to go with your soup? Breadsticks, obviously. If you put a lot of detail into these, they can actually end up looking kind of gruesome. Absolutely yums! I guess the only drawback is that you can’t really add herbs to the bread because the green flecks will ruin the skin-like appearance. Although you could commit to dyeing the whole dough green. Hmm. The recipe is here from Sainsbury’s.

Fruity Monsters

“But wait,” you’re saying. “Where’s my healthy option?” Well, relax, Lord Veganheimer. These fruit-based monster snacks are more cute than scary, but you can always modify them to your liking. And they are indeed pretty nutritious, so you can feel good about serving them to your kids in between the large amounts of junk they’ll be inhaling. These healthful monsters were created by Cara of Fork and Beans.

Bloody Brain Shooters

Maybe you’re a little tired after making all of those treats, right? How about a little something nice for yourself? Well, my friend, it’s time for shooters. Oh yeah! The brains in these shotlgasses actually do look pretty gross, but it’s nothing more than strategically-placed globules of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Snag the recipe from HGTV, switch on your favorite seasonal movie, and get ready to chill. Spookily, of course.

I hope you enjoyed these Halloween recipes! I know it might feel a little extra to be cooking up your own treats during a holiday when there’s candy bars abound, but there really is something special about giving or receiving something homemade. Don’t forget to keep it creepy!

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