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If I had all the money in the world, you bet your ass that I would be covered in the sickest tattoos in all the land. Alas, I have student loans to pay, so I only get to have just the two for now. But I’m allowed to dream! While some people cover their Pinterest boards in wedding dresses, DIYs that are a little iffy on the “Y” part, and lovely shabby chic living room furniture, mine is filled with tattoo dreams.

For a lot of people, tattoos need to symbolize something or mean something significant to the wearer. A special date, a quote, Grandma’s portrait, the paw print of your dead childhood dog… That’s fine and dandy for lots of people, and I don’t want to knock it because, hey, it’s your body, and you can do what you like. For me, regardless of the content or “meaning,” people that are forging new trails in artistry are the most appealing part of contemporary tattooing. Tattoos have a bad rep because of all the generic butterflies and tribal sleeves we’re now covering up, but today more than ever, a beautiful, well-executed tattoo is something people should feel proud to show off as an actual piece of art that compliments the shape of their body.

My tattoo Pinterest board has begun to leak into my Instagram, and I now follow about a thousand of the coolest tattoo artists. Here are just a few of my all-time favorites:

1. Pliszka - @pliszkamagdalena

Wroclaw, Poland

Why are they so cool?

The sketch-like line work and pale hints of color are giving me major storybook vibes. A total departure from the usual style we’ve come to expect from many tattoo artists, this lovely ink gives us the dainty, feminine look we’ve all been dreaming about.

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