5 Commonly Misattributed Quotes (and Who Really Said Them)

Yitz Applebaum  /  2019-02-21T09:29:00Z

Sometimes, popular sayings get ascribed to the wrong person. Here are five of the most frequent examples I’ve seen online.


Freelance, Frequencies, and Feel Goods with Web Production Manager Stephanie Rekowski

Natalie Berger  /  2019-02-20T15:20:00Z

She Do episode 6 with Stephanie Rekowski


Rapid Reactions: Manny Machado Signs with the San Diego Padres

Jared Saigh  /  2019-02-20T10:27:00Z

Manny Machado just signed the largest contract ever given to an American sports free agent. We discuss the San Diego Padres’ decision to sign the superstar.


Michigan Shoe Market at Embassy Suites Hotel Livonia

Steven Lebenbom  /  2019-02-20T09:21:00Z

The Michigan Shoe Market returns this February; check out all the new exhibitions. With over 300 retailers, you can definitely find the pair of shoes you have been missing.


Beer Dinner With BrewDog USA at HopCat

Steven Lebenbom  /  2019-02-20T09:20:00Z

Need to get away from the cold? Head over to HopCat for their beer dinner, and warm up with great food and drink.


Mikhaella Norwood Brings Inspiration and Hope to the Crowd at TEDx Detroit

Jared Saigh  /  2019-02-20T09:17:00Z

Watch spoken word artist Mikhaella Norwood perform in front of thousands at TEDx Detroit.


Paranormal Dinner Adventure at the Whitney

Steven Lebenbom  /  2019-02-19T11:19:00Z

Enjoy Food, Thrills and Chills at the Whitney in Detroit


How the Curly Girl Method Can Revamp Your ‘Do

Natalie Berger  /  2019-02-19T10:58:00Z

Curly-haired homies rejoice! Youtubers love this method to put a little spring back in your frizz.


Filed Under Crap: Multi-Level Marketing

Yitz Applebaum  /  2019-02-18T14:10:00Z

More and more of these “opportunities” seem to pop up every day. Are they really the fabulous offers they claim to be, pyramid schemes in disguise, or something else?


Recent Sundance Films You May Not Have Seen

Jared Saigh  /  2019-02-15T15:06:00Z

The Sundance Film Festival is one of the most iconic festivals in the world. Here are some movies you may have missed over the years that debuted at Sundance.


Photographer Shawn Lee and his “Rock It!” Philosophy

Natalie Berger  /  2019-02-14T16:53:00Z

At 2018’s TEDx Detroit, this photographer knows all about how to fake it until you make it.


PotCast 11: Cannabis Therapy Series_3: Fuel Your Passion this Valentine's Day

Jen O'dea  /  2019-02-14T13:18:00Z

Fuel Your Passion this Valentine's Day


Super Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles

Yitz Applebaum  /  2019-02-14T09:15:00Z

Some single people find Valentine’s Day depressing. Can you believe that? You can? OK, well… here are some ideas anyway.


Onenie Confessions: Valentine’s Day Edition

Natalie Berger  /  2019-02-13T17:06:00Z

We asked for your best Valentine Day confessions that make little cupids everywhere blush.


Criminal Territories: The Springfield Three

Yitz Applebaum  /  2019-02-13T16:27:00Z

How do three women disappear at once? It happened in Springfield, Missouri.


5 Places to Go if You’re Too Punk for Valentine’s Day

Natalie Berger  /  2019-02-13T15:46:00Z

Romance is for squares. Try these ideas instead.


A Night with the Micro Wrestling Federation

Steven Lebenbom  /  2019-02-13T15:17:00Z

An interview with the awe-inspiring men and women of the Micro Wrestling Federation.


Onenie Sports Show Episode 1: Mark Sendo and Big Air Tech

Steven Lebenbom  /  2019-02-13T15:03:00Z

Onenie Sports sits down to interview the creator of Big Air Tech.