So Your Kids Want to Make Their Own Clothes?

Yitz Applebaum  /  2019-01-28T09:18:00Z

These kids’ sewing classes in Detroit are an excellent opportunity for your children to learn a valuable skill.


Hamilton Tickets are on Fire, and So Is Ticketmaster

Christina Wise  /  2019-01-25T16:02:00Z

If you thought getting tickets was going to be hard, you were right.


Why Do People Watch Sports?

Steven Lebenbom  /  2019-01-25T12:00:00Z

A better understanding of why we watch sports.


The “Transformers” Franchise Is Finally Free of Michael Bay

Jared Saigh  /  2019-01-25T12:00:00Z

The multi-billion dollar franchise takes a step back by launching a prequel film without longtime director Michael Bay at the helm. Read my review to learn if that decision paid off in Bumblebee.


10 Movies Filmed in Detroit

Natalie Berger  /  2019-01-24T09:52:00Z

Before the Michigan film incentive was cut, Detroit was like a little Hollywood. Here is a tour of some places made famous in the movies.


Nick Speed and Detroit’s Music Legacy

Steven Lebenbom  /  2019-01-24T09:46:00Z

Nick and the Cass Tech Band lit up the stage at Tedx Detroit.


10 Awesome Classic Games You Can Play in Your Browser Right Now

Yitz Applebaum  /  2019-01-23T13:37:00Z

Some of the top titles for DOS are now playable for free right in your browser thanks to These are some of our favorites.


Rapid Reactions: Baseball Hall of Fame Announcements

Jared Saigh  /  2019-01-23T11:04:00Z

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America voted in four players to their Hall of Fame this year. Watch to find out what Jared and Steven thought about who they selected to part of baseball immortality.


Motor City Connect Show: How to Grow a YouTube Channel

Terry Bean  /  2019-01-23T09:54:00Z

Terry Bean welcomes Tom Lawrence of Lawrence Technical Services, and they discuss how Tom grew his channel to over 48,000 subscribers.


Rapid Reactions: NFL Conference Championships Recap

Jared Saigh  /  2019-01-21T15:06:00Z

This season’s conference title game matchups lived up to the hype, as both games went into overtime. Here’s what Jared and Steven thought about how they turned out.


Make Your Own Sushi (and Keep it Vegan) at the Nosh Pit

Yitz Applebaum  /  2019-01-21T10:20:00Z

If you’re a fan of sushi and have ever wanted to learn how to make it yourself, head to the Nosh Pit for a lesson – free of animal products.


Filed Under Crap: Potty Talk

Yitz Applebaum  /  2019-01-21T10:16:00Z

The crappiest stuff you'll find in the bathroom... aside from the obvious.


Why Everyone Needs to Watch “Weediquette”

Bria Swanson  /  2019-01-18T12:32:00Z

Viceland’s “Weediquette” explores the effects of marijuana on a huge scale.


After “Surviving R. Kelly,” What’s Next?

Bria Swanson  /  2019-01-18T12:30:00Z

Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” provided full accounts of multiple statutory rape incidents. Why is the singer still free?


PotCast 7: Know Your Cannabis Dose

Jen O'dea  /  2019-01-17T10:25:00Z

When you first start consuming cannabis, it can be hard to tell exactly how much you need. In this episode, Jen and Earl take away all the confusion that comes with cannabis dosing.


Motor City Connect Show: Baseball, Families and Fun

Terry Bean  /  2019-01-17T10:20:00Z

Terry Bean welcomes USPBL founder, Andy Appleby, and VP of Marketing Scott MacDonald to talk baseball and fun on the Motor City Connect Show.


What to Know Before Attending the Women’s March on January 19

Natalie Berger  /  2019-01-17T09:19:00Z

In the third year of the now-annual Women’s March, it is more important than ever to make your voice heard.


Your Team Is Wider than You Think!

Yitz Applebaum  /  2019-01-17T09:15:00Z

Grace Hsia, CEO of Ann Arbor-based Warmilu, shared her unique vision of everything teamwork can be at TedXDetroit.