2018’s TEDxDetroit event featured many fascinating performances, and one of the most unique was the introduction to Theatre Bizarre. John Dunivant shared the performing group’s story: they began in a neglected part of the city, and taking advantage of the lack of police supervision in the area, were able to construct their own amusement park, complete with stages, a rollercoaster, and ferris wheel. After their grounds were raided by the city government and they were forced to dismantle their constructs, Theatre Bizarre found a new home in Detroit’s Masonic Temple, the largest in the world and also the venue for TEDxDetroit itself. To transform the classical interior of the Temple into the fantastical world of Theater Bizarre, John went back to the building’s blueprints and reworked their designs into a beautiful new space full of incredible imagery. “You can achieve the impossible if you don’t know your limitations,” John says, and indeed, that’s what Theatre Bizarre did – their magnificent show has only become what it is today thanks to their hard work, perseverance, and solidarity.


You can read more about Theatre Bizarre and see photos from the show on their website.

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