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The animated Netflix hit about puberty is back and better than ever. In its second season, Big Mouth continues to tackle issues such as sexuality, divorce, and losing your virginity; nothing is off limits. However, instead of simply telling a story through shock value, the show brilliantly portrays the nuances of the adolescent mind in a way that has no peers.

Everyone’s favorite hormone monster, Maury, returns to help guide Andrew, Nick and Jessie through the twists and turns of growing up in the hilarious way only he can. While these characters are still the focal point of the show, we are introduced to a few new ones who bring a fresh dimension to the series. What sets season 2 apart from its predecessor is that now we get to see more personal journeys of the supporting characters. Don’t get me wrong: the show is still centered around the “fab five” of Jay, Jessie, Nick, Andrew, and Maury, but in season 2, we see more of the stories of other characters who were just bit parts in season 1.

New Characters

There are three new characters we are introduced to. The first is Tyler, the hormone monster in training, who I personally thought was annoying, but I am sure I am in the minority on that one. Then you have the Shame Wizard, played by the brilliant David Thewels (Professor Remus of Harry Potter fame). Finally, we have Gina, portrayed by Gina Rodriguez. Out of all the new characters, it is the Shame Wizard whom fans will enjoy the most. The new monster is there to make our main characters feel bad for their numerous perverted actions, but it is his story that really makes him a favorite. There is depth to this character that illustrates just how great the writers of Big Mouth are at character development, and the Shame Wizard had me captivated every time he was on-screen.

More Focus on the Supporting Cast

In season 1, the show focused primarily on the main quintet of Nick, Andrew, Jessie, Jay, and Maury, while introducing us to the background characters that help bring an added dimension to Big Mouth. In season 2, we see more development in the character arc for these supporting players, and the added layers of storytelling help give the show a different feel from its first season while continuing to deliver a quality product. We see Coach Steve finally become a man, find out about Lola’s life, and even see Matthew reach an epiphany. All these intriguing subplots help Big Mouth not only cover what puberty is like for all the characters, but it also demonstrates that the show is so well-written that they can take the focus off the main protagonists without taking away from the main points the writers are trying to get across. That kind of layered storytelling is very rare.

Final Opinion

The second season of Big Mouth continues the amazing trajectory of the show. Season 1 introduced viewers to these amazing characters, and season 2 takes their story arcs to another level. Rarely does a show that was excellent in its first season get better in the second one – usually the show loses some of its momentum or loses the magic recipe that made it a must-watch. Big Mouth, fortunately, is in the hands of writers who know how to balance this delicate magic, and they know what makes this show great and continue to produce this kind of excellence. If you want to binge watch any show this year, I encourage you to get on your couch and stream season 2 of Big Mouth. You won’t regret it.


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