She Do episode 3 with Toriana Williams

Show Notes

  • (35m36s)  Natalie talks about unnecessary competition between women and intersectionality.
  • (46m40s)  Follow Toriana on Instagram @TechnicallyTori
  • (41m40s)  People will support you based on their relationship even if they can get the same product from somewhere else, use that to build your brand.
  • (39m5s)  Bria introduces the impact of having a collaborative vs. competitive environment.
  • (31m54s)  Tori takes initiative by setting up a meeting with the chief information officer and shares advice about networking.
  • (28m24s)  Being degraded in the workplace: Men vs. Women
  • (24m30s)  Bridging the gap between generations and how companies can meet their employees in the middle.
  • (20m12s)  “I belong here I’m not going to make anyone or anything make me feel uncomfortable.”
  • (14m44s)  There is more than one way to be a woman in the tech field and her struggles to fit in with her male counterparts.
  • (11m39s)  Tori elaborates on what “Black Girls Code” is.
  • (10m7s)  “Any little thing will intimidate you, but really, they are humble as pie.”
  • (8m18s)  Tori talks abouts trying to find her place in the world.
  • (4m48s)  Toriana talks about her initial encounter in the tech industry.
  • (3m8s)  How Bria and Tori met.
  • (1m58s)  Tori talks about how her job combines tech & education.
  • (0m58s)  Meet Toriana, IT consultant.

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