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Spoiler Alert: This review will go in depth on the first episode, but will not spoil anything past episode 1.

Matt Groening comes back five years after ending Futurama to bring us some magic in his new Netflix series, Disenchantment. Check your preconceived notions at the door, and get ready to enter a world full of fantasy.

The first episode starts like any new show would and introduces the characters, starting with Bean, the Princess of Dreamland, who is to get married to someone she doesn’t love. When we’re first getting ready to meet Bean, we learn she’s a total rebel who snuck out the night before her wedding to go drinking. We’re taken to the bar where she’s betting with another patron. Bean cheats to win this patron’s money, and he is less than pleased. She then sneaks out by throwing all his money in the air, causing complete chaos in the bar. On the street, Bean is met by one of her father’s top men, who drags her back to the kingdom to get ready for her wedding. We meet Bean’s father, King Zøg, at this point, who is mad at Bean for going out drinking the night before her wedding. He yells at Bean and tells her to “take off those common clothes and come down looking like a princess!” This is where we solidify Bean’s attitude as badass when she rips her shirt off, walking away topless.