In episode 8 of She Do, we hang out with the marvelous Zack Marsack better known as their sickening drag personality, Aphrodite.

Show Notes

  • (54m0s)  Aphrodite shares some good drag shows to go to.
  • (52m47s)  Expenses of being a queen and how they get paid.
  • (50m28s)  Advice to start drag: just do it!
  • (49m9s)  Women doing drag? Go all out but respect the art.
  • (46m50s)  Aphrodite talks about gender bender shows.
  • (45m55s)  Where to find Zack on social media.
  • (43m15s)  A good wig & drag secrets: working with intention.
  • (42m17s)  Wigs are Hats! Natalie gets banned from facebook for saying “men are trash.”
  • (41m35s)  Natalie asks Zack about pronouns.
  • (39m20s)  Natalie asks, “What is a drag queen like when they’re not on stage?”
  • (37m24s)  Zack talks about their senior year project with “Bingo Queens.”
  • (33m14s)  Bria asks,“Do you feel that the drag community is portrayed accurately in film?”
  • (31m50s)  Zack talks about their piece on Maya Deren.
  • (29m28s)  Quality discussion leads to talking about Tangerine and the beauty/creative freedom you get with making documentaries.
  • (27m29s)  Zack shares info about their degree in film and his favorite types of films to make.
  • (23m20s)  Bria asks Zack about the origin of their drag personality and talks about Drag moms and their first time doing drag.
  • (22m47s)  “Karen from finance,” one of the many interesting drag names brought up.
  • (21m30s)  Bria talks about her experience with Grindr.
  • (17m56s)  Natalie brings up the discrimination in the LGBTQ community and Aphrodite shares their thoughts.
  • (12m26s)  Aphrodite shares thoughts on Rupaul’s drag race and the show’s stance on transgender women queens.
  • (11m0s)  Drag culture: the mother of all lingos, fashion, and makeup.
  • (9m4s)  Aphrodite talks about the illusion of drag being held together with duct tape and pads.
  • (6m53s)  “Drag is about being versatile.”
  • (3m34s)  Aphrodite shares their story about how they got into drag.
  • (1m35s)  Natalie talks about how she met Zack AKA “Aphrodite”

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