On Episode 9 of She Do, Bria and Natalie chat with the woman behind popular fashion blog, “Color and Grace,” Grace Liang.

Show Notes

  • (1m17s)  How Grace Liang went from hand-me-downs to fashionista.
  • (5m12s)  Grace turns 40 and knows she has to pursue her passion.
  • (5m48s)  Grace discovers fashion blogging.
  • (6m40s)  Bria asks what keeps Grace going.
  • (7m30s)  Grace appreciates every moment in life.
  • (9m20s)  “Everyone has a purpose.”
  • (11m37s)  Natalie wonders how Grace gained her following.
  • (12m40s)  “I don’t look at other Instagrams and news.”
  • (14m47s)  Bria and Natalie wonder where the line is with oversharing.
  • (17m50s)  Natalie wonders how Grace finds balance with choosing sponsors.
  • (18m50s)  “Money is important, but not that important.”
  • (21m20s)  Bria wants to know how Grace picks her sponsors.
  • (22m37s)  “My bottom line is that I don’t lie.”
  • (23m20s)  Natalie wonders how Grace found her brand identity.
  • (26m50s)  “My blog saved me.”
  • (29m35s)  Grace embraced her spirituality and went on a soul searching journey.
  • (30m30s)  Success is not linear.
  • (32m27s)  Vision boards! What the heck is a vision board?
  • (34m14s)  Grace explains how to best create a vision board and how to break down goals into smaller steps.
  • (39m30s)  Natalie asks how Grace develops discipline.
  • (42m15s)  Grace tells us the difference between style and fashion.
  • (44m20s)  Natalie wonders what is going to be “in” this spring.
  • (44m40s)  Grace looks at trends, but in the end does what she wants.
  • (45m30s)  Grace’s book, “From Widow to Boss Lady,” debuts this month on Amazon.
  • (48m2s)  You can read Grace’s blog at ColorandGrace.com and follow her on Instagram @colorandgrace

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