She Do episode 6 with Stephanie Rekowski

Show Notes

  • (51m45s)  You can find Stephanie at, and @StephRek on Instagram and of course, check out
  • (49m58s)  “Tell your brain to be quiet!” Stephanie brings up the importance of giving yourself time away from your phone.
  • (46m33s)  “What makes you happy?” Stephanie speaks about being her best self.
  • (45m23s)  The value of money vs. having pure happiness and not basing happiness on what makes others happy.
  • (43m16s)  The difference between kids now and then when playing video games.
  • (40m18s)  “I needed this fall to come up,” Bria says.
  • (38m19s)  Life is random, yet the way we connect is for a purpose.
  • (35m9s)  “It all started with a phone call”: how Stephanie knew she had the job.
  • (30m0s)  Natalie brings up the importance of being selective and asks, “How do you choose the projects you want to do?”
  • (28m52s)  Bria asks, “What is your favorite part about your job?”
  • (26m58s)  “There is no such thing as balance. Day to day, everything changes.”
  • (25m0s)  Setting the right goals for fitness and balancing how to still love yourself.
  • (22m49s)  Social media, comparative living, and unrealistic expectations.
  • (18m18s)  The change in media and advancement of technology.
  • (11m50s)  Natalie and Bria make fun of “fake” Detroiters and talk about the growth of Detroit.
  • (10m48s)  Coming back home, the beauty of Detroit.
  • (7m26s)  Stephanie discusses her education and opportunities that she took to be where she is at today.
  • (4m42s)  “Women in Sports,” the dynamic of being a boss in a male dominant industry.
  • (3m43s)  A woman who “wears many hats,” meet Stephanie, a web production manager for the Detroit Red Wings.
  • (2m52s)  Stephanie talks about how her and Natalie met.

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