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Brooklyn-based band Wet will be visiting Detroit’s Majestic Theatre on March 8. We can expect them to play some of their older material from 2016’s Don’t You, which featured sweet, ethereal electronic tracks, as well as the songs from last year’s Still Run, which saw the group take on a more acoustic-based sound.

⯈ Listen to “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl” from Don’t You

⯈ Listen to “There’s a Reason” from Still Run

Kilo Kish

Wet’s performance will will be joined by artist, singer and songwriter Kilo Kish, whose previous collaborations include Gorillaz and Childish Gambino. Last year saw her release a new EP, Mothe, on Human Re Sources.

⯈ Listen to “Void” from Mothe

⯈ Listen to “Self Importance” from Kilo Kish’s 2016 Reflections in Real Time

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