Former Stone Clover fiddler, Taylor Izak talks about dealing with burnout and new music projects on the horizon. Take shot every time someone says anything about vampires!

Show Notes

  • (46m18s)  Gutter Demons and Busby Death Chair
  • (45m34s)  Follow Taylor @taylor.izak.bolohan on Instagram.
  • (42m41s)  The Satanic Temple has settled the case with Netflix.
  • (42m30s)  Netflix series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
  • (40m15s)  Fangirling for Pee-Wee’s playhouse and Singing “Tequila” at Karaoke.
  • (38m25s)  Soup with 20 cloves of garlic to cure sickness.
  • (37m8s)  Ramen hacks!
  • (34m20s)  PJs Lager House.
  • (33m26s)  Read Natalie’s experience at Swipe Right Night.
  • (32m57s)  Founders and The Loving Touch.
  • (31m20s)  Bootcamp fitness class at the Kulick center.
  • (30m4s)  Let’s get physical! ...Or not.
  • (26m0s)  Content Warning: mental health and dealing with depression and intrusive thoughts.
  • (25m15s)  Fiance?? Pray tell!
  • (19m54s)  Tattoos in the workplace.
  • (19m7s)  Taylor and Natalie worked together at Anita’s Kitchen in Ferndale.
  • (13m11s)  Self care and the generational differences between Millennials and Boomers.
  • (11m0s)  How to know when to leave something that isn’t bad, but isn’t good.
  • (7m33s)  Learning how not to stretch ourselves too thin and what to do when you are burned out.
  • (4m23s)  The straw that broke the camel's back--fans who cross the line.
  • (2m33s)  Fish Gutzzz and the Stinkin’ Orchestra--gritty Americana.
  • (1m42s)  Paddy slag and the origins of Stone Clover.
  • (1m5s)  The fabulous Taylor Izak!

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