We talk getting lost and finding the way through art with spoken word artist, Mikhaella Norwood.

Show Notes

  • (50m38s)  Follow Mikhaella on social media @MimiFreeLife
  • (48m5s)  Sensitivity, inclusion, and intersectionality and demanding existence.
  • (45m20s)  Bria and Mikhaella discuss Issa Rae and the beauty of her come up.
  • (44m52s)  “When there aren’t opportunities make your own.” Natalie talks about getting it done.
  • (43m46s)  She Do discusses not having the resources when it comes to the arts in Detroit.
  • (42m30s)  Natalie talks about her peers in the arts and how they lost their way.
  • (36m24s)  “Hitting rock bottom” to end up losing your fear and finding your way.
  • (35m10s)  Bria talks about her last straw at her old job and how she made a rational decision to leave.
  • (31m22s)  “ What if I fail?” being okay to go through change.
  • (26m27s)  Mikhaella discusses her future plans for her brand/business. Giving advice on how to stay focused on your goals.
  • (22m20s)  Bria starts a cypher.
  • (21m15s)  Bria and Natalie ask: “What is you writing process?”
  • (19m23s)  The intimacy of spoken word and a new book on the way?
  • (18m32s)  “I don’t know what type of love you speak of, but I don’t want that,” Bria compares other spoken word artists and how their delivery lacks what Mikhaella has.
  • (15m36s)  Bria puts Mikhaella on the spot to do spoken word!
  • (12m40s)  “Before you do what you’re called to do, you become who you’re called to become.”
  • (10m36s)  Fangirling over Stevie Wonder and Mikhaella’s inspiration.
  • (7m12s)  A talented writer, actor, and poet.
  • (3m12s)  Mikhaella explains what spoken word is and how she got into slam poetry.
  • (0m54s)  Intro to Mikhaella, a spoken word artist.

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