Show Notes

  • (44m16s)  Jen's closing remarks.
  • (40m47s)  America's double standards amongst men and women and sexualization of women's bodies.
  • (38m9s)  Men need positive representation for temporary vasectomies.
  • (36m0s)  Planned Parenthood is a great resource for women and Jen tell a story of how people used to protest at the location she used to go to.
  • (35m0s)  Midterm elections will hopefully bring forth change.
  • (34m0s)  Reproductive rights are too regulated, yet the government makes child care assistance scarce.
  • (30m15s)  Why do guys complain about condoms?
  • (23m0s)  Jen shares an article that she's recently read about women's reproductive rights.
  • (17m53s)  Medical uses of marijuana and regulation reform.
  • (15m15s)  Visible increases of dispensaries and marijuana products.
  • (10m50s)  Why we voted for Proposal 1 and how prisoners convicted of weed-related charges need reform.
  • (8m55s)  Jen explains how her relationship began.
  • (2m18s)  Jen and Natalie discuss the behind the scenes of Hyped Up Live.
  • (0m55s)  Jen introduces herself and explains all of her roles at

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