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Valentine’s Day can make or break the future of your relationship. When the heat is on, people do some crazy stuff for love. When we asked for your best V-Day confessions, that love letter was delivered.

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A Family Affair

“I wanted to surprise my hubby with some sexy lingerie, but I really had to pee, so I snuck down to the bathroom in my cute little red lace teddy and scared the shit out of my 8-year-old. Poor kid couldn’t look me in the eye for days after that.”

Every Moment Red-Letter

“You know how everyone used to get those boxes of valentines to give to the class, and you gave the kids you liked the ones with Ariel and then gave the kids you didn’t like the ones with Ursula? I was sort of a snot back in elementary school and took it a step further. This girl who was mean to me had a peanut allergy so I rubbed a Reese’s Cup on her valentine before putting it in her box. Her hands broke out in hives, and she had to go see the nurse. 20-some years later and I still don’t regret it… she’s still a giant bitch.”