At 2018’s TEDx Detroit, a booming voice-over says, “Shawn Lee, the greatest photographer in the world!” as the next speaker runs on stage to the words of praise. Is this man really the greatest photographer in the world? The voice-over makes it sound true; however, the speaker later confessed it was his own voice, created to give himself a boost. Photographer Shawn Lee believes that failure is not an option and that attitude is everything. His mantra, “rock that,” is his term that “makes life happen,” he says. There are people out there that don’t want you to succeed, and to be successful, you have to make others believe that you are the greatest in the world.  As the head of multiculturalism at Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Lee has made it his mission to bring photography to the people. He believes that multiculturalism is more than just color and reaches beyond that. He shows us his series that takes sick children and transforms them into superheroes, giving them a glance at the strength that exists within. “The greatest investment you can make is an investment in people,” Lee says. He strives to bring people of all races, religions, and abilities together in the same space, creating new connections that bring us to the same level.

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