6 Safety Tips For Your Next Diy Project

Christina Wise  /  2019-07-23T14:32:00Z

Everyone is riding the DIY craze, but keep these safety tips in mind if you want to keep your hands.


A Perfectly Made-Up Face, from 1910 to 2010

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The cosmetics we’ve worn over the past hundred years and why.


“Improving” Classic Art Pieces with Emojis

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These old paintings are nice and everything, but they could use a modern touch!


6 Tricks that Make Food Advertisements Look Amazing

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Turns out it’s much more than just retouching.


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How to Be a Person With a Period and Also a Good Citizen of Planet Earth

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Tame your clam while saving $$ and saving Mother Nature.


Neopets: WTF Happened?

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From the favorite site of kids to a virtual ghost town, a lot has changed in Neopia.

5 Strangely Mesmerizing Infomercials I Love

5 Strangely Mesmerizing Infomercials I Love

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Yes, some of us actually enjoy watching infomercials. Seriously.


Onenie’s Summer 2019 Movie Preview

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Check out what we think are some of the must watch films coming to theaters this summer.


Here’s How My Day Would Look as a Series of Snapchat “Trending” Articles

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Snapchat’s Trending page is chock full of clickbait.


8 Disturbing Movies with Surprisingly Cheerful Music

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Because sometimes directors like to make our eyes and ears disagree.