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What a long, strange trip 2018 has been. Did you know there was an Olympics this year? Yeah, I forgot, too. This year has been filled with moments that make me think we are getting closer and closer to the world Idiocracy predicted back in 2006. Here are the moments in pop culture that historians will be talking about for generations:

Mason Ramsey a.k.a. The Walmart Yodeling Kid

Mason Ramsey became an overnight sensation when a video of him yodeling in a Walmart went viral. Since then, he’s started a twitter page with over 340 thousand follower, released a few catchy singles, performed at Coachella, and stolen America’s heart. I think there’s a good chance that we won’t look at 2018 as just the year of Mason Ramsey, but the birth of a modern superstar.


The battle royale style video game is being played by everyone from middle school students whose parents are buying them Fortnite tudors, to superstar athletes and musicians. Since the game’s release, it’s raking in hundreds of millions of dollars each month. One of the reasons is because it is available to play on just about every platform, including smartphones and tablets, and it is absolutely free. The game makes money on microtransactions, including character skins, dance moves, among other purchases.

Ariana Grande

The singer dominated the pop culture news cycle the entire year. She broke up with long-time, and now deceased, boyfriend Mac Miller. Tabloids then followed her every move once she started dating and became briefly engaged to Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson. Her lyrics to “thank u, next” was memed on Twitter and the music video featured a myriad of early 2000 movies and celebrities. Expect to keep hearing more about the former Nickelodeon star in 2019.

Tide Pods

The rumors about kids eating Tide Pods have been floating around the internet for a couple of years, but in 2018 it finally hit the mainstream. The Tide Pod Challenge involved kids eating the small balls of laundry detergent and posting it online. Health professionals had to release articles about how dangerous it is for your body. Tide’s Twitter account crafted this tweet featuring New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski. We can be a really dumb species at times.

Privacy Ethics with Social Media

Many internet companies, most notably Facebook and Google, were brought in front of Congress to talk about how they deal with their user’s data. Facebook, especially, has come under fire with how they have handled millions of users data and the reported misuse of that information. This issue won’t be going away, and will be a topic for years to come.

Meghan Markle

I don’t think there is much dispute that Meghan Markle’s marriage into the British royal family was one of 2018’s biggest moments. Americans always seem to be extremely engaged when it comes to royal weddings, but what made her nuptials to Prince Harry even more interesting was due to the fact that she was an American herself and had a lead role on the hit television series on USA Network, Suits. She also has an estranged father that will most likely keep her in the news cycles for years to come.

Kanye WestVisits the White House

Kanye has had a roller coaster of a year. He’s made some pretty outlandish statements, i.e. slavery being a choice, released an album along with producing ones for Pusha T and Kid Cudi, and rekindled (and maybe squashed) a beef with Drake on Twitter. The highlight of his wacky year was visiting the White House and having lunch with President Trump. Who knows what 2019 has in store for the man who no longer has a manager because he “can’t be managed.”

Feel free to leave a comment on what pop culture moments I missed and who you’d like to hear more (or less) from in 2019.

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