In Episode #7 of She Do, we talk self-care

Show Notes

  • (59m5s)  You can find Jerren on her Youtube channel “Sincerely Dr. J” and visit her website at
  • (54m8s)  Finding the right therapist and how do you know you found ‘the one’ making sure you have a therapist that validates your issues
  • (48m50s)  Knowing yourself: positive affirmations, vision boards, may not be for everybody.
  • (47m34s)  Bria the extroverted introvert, taking time to yourself to recuperate.
  • (43m47s)  What is self-care? Is the term often misused? Knowing what feels good vs. what actually refills your soul.
  • (41m40s)  What are positive rewards to “help treat yourself.”
  • (39m40s)  Natalie asks “ What should adults do more to be more connected?”
  • (37m7s)  Jerren talks about how she instills emotional intelligence in her daughter by not being an external source of validation.
  • (36m37s)  The simplicity of texting and how we avoid face-to-face confrontations.
  • (34m30s)  Natalie talks about how she had a hard time expressing herself and did it through text.
  • (33m22s)  FOLO: The Fear of Living Offline and how it contributes to a lack of emotional intelligence.
  • (32m6s)  Emotional Intelligence in adolescents and how it correlates to the rising rates of mental health issues.
  • (29m12s)  Bria talks about her experience with therapy and her reality check from Jerren.
  • (26m30s)  Jerren talks about her style of therapy.
  • (13m8s)  Millennials and Generation Z are the most anxious generations with a strong correlation to social media.
  • (9m55s)  “Pull yourself up by the bootstraps,” and why that isn’t always the best way to deal with life.
  • (6m24s)  How social media affects getting help: going to a professional vs. going on youtube.
  • (5m5s)  Why are clinical health psychologist so different from others in similar professions?
  • (2m20s)  Jerren talks about how she became a psychotherapist and the difference between psychologist and psychotherapist.

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