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This is our title

Jen O'dea  /  2018-05-18T16:48:41Z

this is the body


How Quick Success Has Changed Walk The Moon

Guest Author  /  2018-03-08T18:40:19Z

From a spunky alt-rock band from Ohio, to a hit single, sold-out tour machine, Walk the Moon’s success has undoubtedly changed their sound.


What You Need To Know About How Music Influences Driving

Guest Author  /  2018-05-09T20:48:50Z

Nothing quite beats the thrill and freedom when driving with your music blaring. However, the music you listen to does have an effect on your driving. Read on to understand just how music influences your driving.


Why Do We Use Music in Advertising?

Guest Author  /  2018-05-09T20:47:25Z

Think about today's ads, most of them encompass some sort of music or jingle. How did that start? Why is music in advertising so effective? We're here to answer those questions and more!


Music Psychology: How Advertisers Use Music to Influence Your Decisions

Guest Author  /  2018-05-09T18:11:36Z

Music is a very powerful tool. With just a few notes, a song can make one feel happy or sad. We're here to dive into reasons why music psychology is so powerful in advertising.


Yung Bae and Miller Guth at Necto

Yitz Applebaum  /  2018-10-16T20:36:07Z

Future funk DJ Yung Bae and U of M fave, Miller Guth, will be performing at Necto Nightclub this Thursday.