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Memes have taken over our culture. Every year, thousands of memes are created and uploaded to the internet in hopes of going viral, but only a few dozen leave their mark. We laugh at them, talk about them with coworkers, and share them with our friends. Here are the memes that dominated the internet in 2018 and are hereby inducted into Onenie’s inaugural class into the Hall of Memes.

Change My Mind:

Conservative comedian Steven Crowder uploaded the original photo to his personal Twitter account when he visited Texas Christian University’s campus. The sign originally read, “Male privilege is a myth - Change my mind.” Since then, countless iterations of the photo have made their way across the internet.

Is This a Pigeon?:

This meme has given me a ton a laughs this year due to its ability to draw a relationship between so many subjects. The scene itself comes from a Japanese anime from the 1990s called The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird. I’ve never seen or heard of this show before the meme, but I thank its creator for giving us a truly dynamic meme.