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Move over, Jon Snow: there is a new King (and Queen) of the North. While it might as well be Armageddon in the south when there are some snow flurries, folks who live in the north become pretty accustomed to tons of snow and learn how to deal with it. In the upper peninsula of Michigan, also known as  “the U.P.,” also, also known as “Da Yoop,” residents not only learn how to deal with winter, they learn how to really dig winter. And out of all the Stormy Kromer wearin’, fat bike ridin’ Yoopers* out there, there are two that have earned the crown as the King and Queen of the North.

*Yooper, /ˈyo͞opər/

Noun. What one calls a person native to the upper peninsula.


First, a quick geography lesson:

So, yeah, Michigan is quite chilly. Marquette, the city where our heroes reign supreme, gets an average of 117.2 inches of snowfall every year… which is kind of a lot. The frigid forecast from the last several days is not at all unusual for this time of year. While the rest of us were huddled inside for the polar vortex, these two were out getting shit done…


Your Queen

This is Aoy (pronounced “Oy”). She is the owner and operator of Rice Paddy, the Thai food take-out staple of Marquette. The 64-year-old Bangkok native, according to the local publication, Word on the Street, was set up in an arranged marriage at 19, but instead fled to the United States. In 1987, the Rice Paddy was born, this gem of a lady gracing us with her glorious catch phrases ever since. “Hey, boyfriend! What can I get you?” “You want rice with that, girlfriend?” Everyone proudly totes their title of Aoy’s boyfriend/girlfriend and rides that glow all the way home, chicken pad thai in hand. On Monday, whilst the town was getting dumped on, the Rice Paddy Facebook page posted this delightful status:

Fuck yeah we open…” she says as if it’s not a surprise. Why wouldn’t Rice Paddy be open on a day like this??? Aoy eats snow storms and ice for breakfast, obviously. If there were going to be a fight between Aoy and Elsa from Frozen, you betcha Aoy would dog walk that angsty blonde lady (but also, probably not because Aoy is a sweetheart and wouldn’t do that...maybe). As you can see, based on the 500+ and growing shares of the original post, people bow down to her valiant effort to keep hungry Yoopers fed even when it looks like the next ice age is beginning.

The post really started to take off after Instagram user @KaleSalad shared the post from @jbfan911, Aoy’s shining grin and sassy post getting over 217,000 likes from people all over the world. As you can see, Aoy’s fans are already singing praise for their favorite girlfriend. Long live Queen Aoy!


Your King