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Last year, I had a huge problem with people stealing my packages. I lived in an apartment building with key-card access on a main thoroughfare, so everything I ordered from Amazon and whatnot would sit outside all day in plain view from the road until I got home from work. It honestly became a huge gamble, and I eventually got so tired of having everything taken, I opened up a PO box. A similar thing happened to popular Youtuber, Mark Rober, but he had a much more satisfying way of dealing with the thieves in his latest viral video.

Since the cops are pretty much never any help, sometimes vigilante justice is the best route in this lawless frontier we live in. While anyone could put a spring-loaded jar of glitter in a box, that just wouldn’t be enough for a guy who spent nine years engineering hardware for the Mars Rover. He came up with a plan and spent the next six months creating his weapon of mass destruction.

First, Rober installed several phones that could record a 360-degree view of the action that activate when the box was jostled. The footage was set up to automatically dump to the cloud in case the package were never found. Then, he designed a mechanism that utilized centrifugal force to spin a ton of fine-grain glitter all over the damn place that activated when the package’s lid was opened. And to top it off, he included a practically toxic fart spray in hopes the thief would abandon the package so that Rober could follow the GPS signal from the phones and retrieve the device.

The video instantly went viral because it is so gosh darn satisfying. Take a look, have a laugh, and then start designing your own booby trap for package thieves.

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