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Photo credit: Stephen Voss/NPR

Tiny Desk Concerts are a treat to true music lovers. With the combination of true artistry that moves beyond a cubicle and an intimate experience, these performances allow you to have the best seat without ever leaving your home.

Mac Miller

The late rapper had a compelling performance one month before his passing that previewed songs off his final album, Swimming.

Tank and The Bangas

New Orleans native, Tarriona “Tank” Ball, uses her music to create Broadway-esque tunes with a twist. Her voice ranges from deep and soulful to innocent and playful to tell a story through song.

Tyler, the Creator

Rapper and producer Tyler, the Creator set the tone for his performance by supplying his own lighting crew. This performance is a favorite because not only are the background singers heavenly, but the set list from Flower Boy is an entire mood.


With his catchy songs about nightlife, T-Pain gives us all of his vocal range despite his style of music heavily dependent on auto-tune. Though this performance is four years old, it’s a classic.

Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana put on a type of performance that I’ve never seen before. Prior to watching this concert, I was unfamiliar with her music. After seeing how she constructed Jungle on her guitar as she played, I was moved.

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