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FX launched a new series in March 2019, “What We Do in the Shadows.” Fans have been instantly hooked as we enjoy the mockumentary style, reminding us of “The Office” and “Interview with a Vampire.” Here’s what you can expect from the show:

It’s a Spin-Off

This series is a spinoff of the cult classic film, also titled “What We Do in the Shadows,” which came out in 2015. The original creators of the motion picture are producing the TV adaptation, so if you liked the movie, you’re going to love the show.

Vampires Ga-LORE

They stay very true to typical vampire lore. There’s a baron, familiars, day walkers, and a lust for virgin blood. Hypnosis and controlling others are the bloodsuckers’ weapons of choice, but they can’t stand silver or being in the sun, which leads to some teasing from their day-walking friend.

Hilarious Cast

The cast of this show are unrelenting in their humor.

Facebook Fan Group

I’m part of many groups on Facebook, and there’s not one I enjoy more than What We Do In The Shadows Fans (Movie and FX Show). The group is strict about not allowing spoilers, so you can enjoy collective watching at your convenience, and you always have someone to talk about theories with.

Kick-Ass Soundtrack

Every episode has a song that gets stuck in my head, and the theme couldn’t be more perfect.

Mockumentary Style

You really feel like you’re watching a documentary with the camera angles, but the ridiculousness reminds you it’s just a mockumentary – no matter how real you want it to be. Even in behind-the-scenes footage, something the creators wanted to be sure of was to never break the rules of a documentary and that everything they do is in the realm of realism.

Werewolf Beef

There has to be a group you have beef with in every story, and in this one, that’s the stinky, dirty werewolves. The show doesn’t really give you a reason why we have to hate them, but the motion picture did, and it holds true in the show as well.