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Cover Photo Image Credit: Necto

Yung Bae

Get ready to groove with future funk DJ Yung Bae. He’ll be bringing his incredibly catchy remixes of vintage tracks to Necto Nightclub in Ann Arbor at 8 p.m. on Thursday, October 18. Tickets are only $5, so grab yours from Eventbrite.

⯈ Listen to “I Can Tell” from Yung Bae’s most recent album, B4E

⯈ Listen to “Last Night” from 2016’s BA3

Miller Guth

Joining Yung Bae is Miller Guth, pop-dance fave and current University of Michigan student. His tracks have been featured on several music blogs and Spotify official playlists. If you’ve streamed Miller before, now’s your chance to catch him live.

⯈ Listen to “When We Were Young,” Miller’s collaboration with Charlie Brennan and most-streamed song

⯈ Listen to “The Way,” Miller’s second work with Brennan

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